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“Ken Ratcliffe is a master storyteller, weaving a tale of complex and powerful characters.” *
(Jane S., Basking Ridge, NJ)
“Characters, characters, characters - with a brilliantly structured denouement.”
(Professor B., Ames, IA)
Manhook? This book is Womanhook!” *
(Martha D., Point Reyes, CA)
“Brilliant and moving - cleverly done!”
(Baker T., Cambridge, MA)
“Move over Walter Mitty! There’s a new kid in town.”
(Peter H., Washington, DC)
“You’ll love this book. It’s like life: real, raw and full of twists. It should be a movie!” *
(Dalton W., Charleston, SC)
Finally, an honest book for men. Now, my wife can’t put it down.”
(Bill W., Amherst, MA)
“You’re gonna have the psychiatric community gunning for you. Nice job!”
(Harry A., Nantucket, MA)
“I’d give up my entire life for one night with Valerie.”
(Don’t use my name)
“So, is this novel a smidge autobiographical? You cheating on your wife?”
(Lisa D., Norwalk, CT)
After reading this, I’m following my husband to work.”
(Holly N., Costa Mesa, CA)
“I loved it! You nailed those sessions with Felton. Hey, you seeing a shrink?”
(George S., Wilmington, OH) 
“That bar scene gave me the shivers. I think I’ve been there.”
(John K., Los Gatos, CA)

* Excerpted from Amazon reader ratings.
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