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Reading Group Guide

1. Is money Valerie’s real motivation? What was her true relationship with her father and how might that have influenced her manipulation of men?
2. What do you think of Valerie’s assertion that “all men are lugs” - that “they think with their you-know-whats”?
3. When Lutz drives Valerie home the night of their initial meeting, he says: “There’s no such thing as a grown man.” Do you agree?
4. Pat Lutz and Valerie Quinn: How does the author contrast Valerie’s sexual liberation with Pat’s generation?
5. How many examples can you cite of Dr. Felton’s violation of ethics?
6. So much for the desserts theory. Work hard: get ahead. Does Bob Lutz deserve what he gets in the end?
7. Many of Manhook’s characters exhibit addictive disorders. How does the author exploit those addictions to bring about the explosive finish?
8. What is the nature of Bob Lutz’ disorder? Is it a character or chemical imbalance? Is his abrupt change in behavior a true change or a short-lived product of his medication?
9. “A woman don’t know what goes on between a man and his son.” Discuss this statement by Bob Lutz’ father.
10. What is the novel Manhook really about: greed, addiction, rationalized behavior - the folly of men?

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